What Sort of Food Should You Serve At a Coastal Restaurant?

Restaurateurs all have their own idea of how their restaurant should look, what sort of clientele they want to attract and the type of food they will offer. That said, customers often have certain expectations when it comes to a typical waterfront restaurant. This is because the proximity to the ocean will frequently make them think of certain dishes. It is hardly surprising given that so much excellent food comes from the sea.

How to Eat Chinese Takeaway When You're on a Healthy Diet

When you think of healthy eating, you're probably not thinking of any sort of takeaway food. If you're trying to lose weight, or if you've simply decided to cut down the calories to eat a bit more healthily, takeaways are probably off your menu. Chinese food, in particular, has a reputation for being fatty, greasy and generally bad news for anyone trying to eat healthier food. That's not a completely fair association, however, and it's completely possible to eat it without ruining your diet.