Two Reasons Why So Many Couples Have Their Wedding Receptions at Restaurants

Here are some of the reasons why so many couples choose to have their wedding receptions at restaurants.

There will be almost no chance of mishaps or complications related to the seating and tables

One common reason why many couples book restaurants for their weddings is because it lessens the possibility of there being any complications or mishaps related to the seating or tables. If, for example, a couple were to have their wedding in a rustic barn venue, they might need to rent the tables and chairs for the wedding meal from a furniture rental business and have this furniture transported to the venue.

This could result in, for instance, the rental business accidentally sending fewer chairs or tables than were ordered or it might lead to some of the furniture being damaged whilst it's en route to the venue. These issues could result in several guests not having anywhere to sit or having to squeeze onto a table they weren't meant to sit at; in either case, their dining experience would be disappointing.

However, because a restaurant owner will already know exactly how many chairs and tables they have on their premises, there will be no possibility of, for instance, them mistakenly promising an engaged couple 50 chairs when they only have 48.  Furthermore, because the furniture will already be in the restaurant and won't have to be transported, there is no risk of it being broken when in transit.

The equipment needed for cooking the wedding menu's dishes will already be on the premises

Restaurants are also a popular choice of wedding venue with couples because they usually already have all of the equipment that is needed for cooking the variety of dishes that are on wedding menus (such as large-sized food processors, bain-maries, deep-fat fryers etc.).

This means that couples who have their weddings at restaurants don't have to look for caterers who have the cooking equipment they need to make a specific dish they want to include in their menu, nor do they have to be concerned about the caterer having to find an appropriate area for this equipment at the venue or having to spend time setting it up before they can begin prepping food in it. Not having to think about these issues can reduce the stress a couple might feel, regarding ensuring that their wedding meal is prepared the way they want it to be.

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