Want Customers to Order More? 3 Tips to Help You Design an Impressive Restaurant Menu

A restaurant is one of the most competitive types of businesses you can invest in these days. But for you to thrive and remain competitive, you need to have a sound marketing strategy. A well-designed menu is among the effective strategies you can use to attract new customers, keep them coming again, and ensure they order more of your food every time they visit. 

Having more customers come to your restaurant doesn't guarantee that they will order more food, as you would have expected. Luckily, you can win your customers over by designing a clearly thought-out menu that will help them have a different perception of your food and simplify the ordering process, helping you make a lot of profit. Below are great tips to help you design the best menu for your restaurant business.

You Should Go for a Simple Design

The first step to facilitating easy and fast ordering is to keep the menu simple. If you go for an overly-complex design or background, it will distract your customers, making them take longer to decide what to order. So, make sure the layout is clear, uncluttered and includes orderly graphics. Keep in mind that using too many graphics can make the menu card appear messy. Also, consider dividing the menu into sections with boxes or lines to help customers scan through the items quickly. You can have a section for drinks, starters and dessert, among others.

You Should Use Clear and Tantalising Descriptions

The way you describe the dishes and drinks will determine how customers make their orders. Ideally, you should provide well-described items so the clients can get excited and order quickly. Ensure every word you use excites the consumer.  Also, keep the descriptions short and use a font type that is easy to read and matches the design of your restaurant. The font size also matters and shouldn't be too small, lest your clients find it difficult to read the menu.

You Should Include Colours

Adding some colour to your menu will offer positive results and help you attain your bottom line. Colour can evoke emotional responses subconsciously. So, make sure you study the influence that colours have on the client's mind. For instance, blue and red induce appetite, meaning your clients will probably order more. But, all restaurants cannot use these colours, so you may have to consider another option, such as colours that match your restaurant's theme.

Designing a restaurant menu doesn't have to be difficult. With simple tips like using simple designs, readable fonts, describing the food with mouth-watering words, and using the right colours, you will find it easier to come up with the best restaurant menu card.