The Making of a Perfect Piccolo Latte

One of the foods which humans have had a complicated relationship with over the years is milk. There was a time when milk was a highly recommended superfood because it contains all those vitamins and minerals. However, of late, people have been advocating for a reduction in milk consumption because of its cholesterol content and other issues. Well, if you are looking for the kind of coffee which strikes a balance between a healthy milk portion and a generous coffee serving, you should try the locally brewed piccolo latte.

How the Term "Piccolo Latte" Came to Be

Sharing coffee with friends is an art that many people have a hard time mastering. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee as you discuss something with a date or business associate, you will want a portion that is neither too little nor too much. The macchiato rarely fits this description because it will be over before the meeting. The latte, on the other hand, might be more than you need for a brief meeting. The piccolo latte is that portion of coffee that sits right in the middle of too little and too much. Think of the Piccolo latte as a scaled-down version of the latte, with all the goodness of the latte, but in smaller portions.

How the Perfect Piccolo Latte Is Made

The mistake that baristas make when creating the piccolo latte, and one that ruins the entire taste of the coffee, is having a coffee flavour imbalance in the drink. Normally, a latte is 120 ml, and the right coffee portion injected is a 25 ml shot. Now, the piccolo glass is 90 ml. If you inject a 25 ml coffee shot into the piccolo glass, the flavour balance will be all wrong. The ideal shot should be between 15 and 20 ml of coffee.

Why the Piccolo Latte Is Genius

The greatest reason to try the piccolo latte at a local cafe is that it gives you the perfect coffee dose, but without the guilt burden that the full latte comes with drinking milk. Then, there is the fact that the portion is just perfect for the regular, 30-minute coffee with a friend. 

The secret to getting the best shots of Piccolo latte is going to a café whose barista understands how to grind the beans right, the right amount of milk to use, and the right brewing technique. If you have had a bad experience with your piccolo latte, find a new barista.