Top Pizza Toppings From Around the Globe

There's nothing quite like a genuine Italian pizza being delivered to your door for a real treat. Although Italian pizza delivery is often something you might order on a Friday night after a busy week at work, there are other sorts of pizza delivery you could opt for to mix things up a little and really get your weekend going. That said, the most popular pizza topping in Australia is nothing more extravagant than a cheese and tomato variety. Of course, the Margherita is a very traditional Italian pizza but what if you want to try something a little more exciting? Read on to find out about some of the most popular pizza toppings from around the world.


In Russia, the so-called mockba is the pizza topping of choice. Served at room temperature, this home-grown type of pizza is a fish lover's delight. Not only will you see sardines and salmon on a typical mocha, but you will often also have tuna and mackerel as well. This is all topped off with a generous serving of onions.

United Kingdom

Brits enjoy a traditional Italian pizza just as much as Australians. However, if they are going to add ingredients, then mushrooms tend to be the most popular, closely followed by onion and ham. You might think that a slice or two of pepperoni is high on the list too - and you would be right. However, it turns out that green peppers are even more popular among the UK's pizza-loving population. 


Other than their famous atum pizza, which includes raw tuna and onions, many Brazilians choose to order a broccoli pizza as their favourite these days. As the name suggests, this green brassica is the main ingredient. However, the dish is also served with tomatoes, mozzarella, cream cheese, oregano and a few lardons of bacon. It sounds delicious! Brazilians also like a pea pizza which is something of a more unusual topping choice.


If they are not eating Italian pizzas, then the French like to go their own way. One of the most popular types of pizza to be made in France that is not the genuine article is the so-called flambé pizza. This was developed in eastern France close to Germany, and over the border, it is known as Flammkuchen. It includes bacon and onion along with cream to create its distinctive look and flavour. Although France is a neighbour of Italy, this sort of pizza is not very Italian at all!