What Sort of Food Should You Serve At a Coastal Restaurant?

Restaurateurs all have their own idea of how their restaurant should look, what sort of clientele they want to attract and the type of food they will offer. That said, customers often have certain expectations when it comes to a typical waterfront restaurant. This is because the proximity to the ocean will frequently make them think of certain dishes. It is hardly surprising given that so much excellent food comes from the sea.

Regardless of the style of cooking you prefer, it is a good idea to have some fish and seafood on your menu if you are located anywhere near to the coast. If you don't, then some customers will simply choose elsewhere to dine. What are some of the simplest ways of incorporating more seafood into your menu?

Battered Fish and Chips 

Deep-fried fish and chips is a favourite of many Australian as well as British visitors for whom it is something of a national dish. High-quality fish should be used, and white fish species tend to work the best. If you get it right, then the fish itself is not really fried – the batter around it causes it to be steamed from its own moisture content while the outside, the battered part, goes a golden crispy colour. If you want to do something a little more upmarket, then why not make your chips from alternatives to the traditional white potato, such as parsnips, sweet potatoes or even plantains?

Linguine With Shrimp

This is a classic Italian dish which is really easy for your kitchen staff to prepare. All that is needed is freshly prepared linguine plus a little tomato-based sauce, such as passata, with some peeled shrimps or prawns thrown in. The trick here is to not overdo the cooking. Everything should be done with a light touch and some high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Toss in some finely chopped anchovies and a little chilli for some additional flavour!

Octopus With Chorizo

The famous Spanish sausage, chorizo, makes for a fine bedfellow with octopus tentacles. Both benefit from being shallow fried with some seasoning, but you must remember that each ingredient becomes unpleasantly chewy if you keep it in the pan for too long. Therefore, it is best as a quick dish to turn around for customers and should even make it onto your menu as a good starter option for seafood lovers to enjoy. Serve with lemon, chilli oil and plenty of fresh parsley.