The Best Steak of Your Life: 3 Steak Features for a Tender, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Experience

Australians are perhaps some of the biggest meat eaters in the world, consuming over 130 grams each day. Beef is a popular meat choice, and many Australians strive to find that perfect, melt-in-your-mouth steak. There are several factors that will affect how tender your steak is. If you're willing to go all out on your next dining experience at your local steak and seafood restaurant, here's the 3 features you want to look for.

The Type of Cattle or Beef

The breed of the cattle will define how tender the steak is. In particular, if you're looking for an unforgettable dining experience, find a steak and seafood restaurant that imports Wagyu beef from Japan. This type of cattle is known for its tenderness and beautiful marbling. In particular, you'll want to choose Wagyu beef from the Kagoshima Prefecture, as this cattle will have received a rating of Grade 4 and above. In addition to being extremely tender, Kagoshima beef pack a lot of flavours in each bite.

The Cut of the Steak

The cut of the beef also defines the texture of the meat. This is due to the way that the fibers are arranged in the muscle. If you're looking to order the most tender steak you've ever enjoyed in your life, you'll want to go with the filet mignon. Although this cut is the most tender of them all, it is not the most flavourful. Because of this reason, filet mignon steaks are normally served with some type of sauce on the side.

The Doneness Level of the Steak

After choosing the right type of cattle and the right type of steak cut, you'll need to determine how well cooked you want the steak to be. If you want something that will melt in your mouth, you'll want to either go with a rare or medium rare steak. If you don't have a preference for either, go for a rare steak. The meat texture will still be retained, as well as all of the juices. If you choose a doneness level anything above or below a rare or a medium rare, the meat will either be too chewy or too gritty.


Knowing what to order at a local steak and seafood restaurant can help you finally find that perfect steak that you've always dreamed of. You might have to splurge a little, but the dining experience will be worth it, as it will become a memory that you'll never forget.