What to Order for Your Child at a Seafood Restaurant

Many children are suspicious about fish. While they'll happily eat fishfingers, for the majority of kids, anything more adventurous than that is definitely off the plate. This is a shame as fish is wonderful for growing brains, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. However, don't give up just yet; there are ways to tempt even the fussiest youngster into trying and loving fish. So, if you'd love to eat at a seafood restaurant but are worried that your children will go hungry, read on for some tips on what to order so your trip can be an enjoying and nourishing experience for the entire family.

Entice them with a starter

A great starter for kids is a shrimp cocktail, as they get to dip the shrimp into the sauce and most kids love to dip! If they get freaked out by the tails, simply show them how easily they can be removed. If your child is a little more adventurous, maybe try calamari with a marinara sauce instead. 

Another kid-friendly starter is crab cakes; these crispy treats are quite mild so they are a great bet for a fussy eater.

Intrigue them with an entree

It should be fairly easy to find an entree that your kids will try. For pasta lovers, many seafood restaurants do a fishy pasta dish, so whether it be tagliatelle tossed with shrimp or garlicky clams with linguini, there is bound to be something that sounds pleasing. And if your child loves fish and chips, maybe suggest some blackened salmon with fries, or perhaps some broiled fish such as flounder or cod with potatoes.

If your child simply refuses to try fish, there is usually a chicken dish on the menu that will please the pickiest of eaters.

Reward them with dessert

The chance of getting dessert at the end of the meal can be used as a tool to entice your children to sample their salmon or try their tilapia.

Follow these suggestions and hopefully it will be the beginning of a life-long affair with seafood for your little ones. And, if your child refused to try any of the fish, don't give up too soon. It may be worth cooking some seafood dishes at home and getting your child involved -- just be sure to make the dishes simple. After all, even homemade fishfingers are a step up from store-bought fare and can help your child link fish with the food they are eating.